About Us--> Company Introduction

    As a pioneer and leading solution provider of parking sensor & BSM systems, ChainStar Technologies Co., Ltd. has been engaged in development and production of vehicle safe parking and reverse sensing systems since 1996. ChainStar parking sensor systems cover a great variety designed for different vehicles ranging from aftermarket to OEM applications. Being a professional manufacturer, ChainStar always introduces the most advanced technologies into research and innovation of new products, such as mini rear-view cameras, rain sensor, light sensor, as well as products in other security fields, such as security camera, monitor, saftey signs, etc..
    ChainStar production facilities are located in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province and one of China's main industrial centers. Guangzhou is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau with convenient Seaports and International Airports serving many countries and regions. This superior location offers a great advantage to ChainStar in cargo delivery and material purchasing domestically and overseas.
    ChainStar has a strong and dynamic R & D department team that is well-experienced and professional, be that in material, ultrasonic technology,electronics, mechanical or software engineering. With strong OEM/ODM capabilities, R & D department plays a very important role in guaranteeing fast turnaround of customer designs.
    Providing high quality products to customers is a never-ending process for ChainStar. The ISO9001 standards are strictly enforced from engineering through to the final production phase. To ensure reliability and durability under adverse environmental conditions, all ChainStar products are individually tested by calibrated performance and environmental simulation testing equipments.
    Thanks to the help and support from esteemed customers all over the world, ChainStar has reached a new step in its development and will continue to offer the best service and state-of-the-art products to all our friends.