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BSM (Blind Spot Monitor) is designed with latest microwave technology to warn driver of other vehicle or motorcycle approaching in the adjacent lane, which is possibly in driver’s blind spot from side mirror.  

With CAN interface, system is activated automatically when vehicle speed is more than 20Km/h (speed limit can be different as per factory setting), LED indicator turns on if sensor detects another vehicle or motorcycle in the next lane coming closer. If you switch on turn signal at the same side when object is detected, LED indicator will flash, and you will also hear 3 beeps. If you switch on emergency button (both sides turn signals turn on), system will not send warning signals. When vehicle speed is lower than 20Km/h, system will stop work. Or you can choose not to connect CAN, then system will be activated as soon as ignition on.

BSM Functions

- 24GHz mircrowave sensing technology

- Detection range 3mx8m for vehicle/motorcycle in adjacent lane

- Visual warning via LED indicator or laser

- LED indicator can be individual or built in A pillar/side mirror

- Audible warning when turn signal is on

- Only warn when other vehicle is approaching to avoid false alarm

- With CAN interface, only work above certain speed, e.g., 20Kmh

- Work under adverse weather conditions

- Supplied side mirror with OEM quality

- Tailor-made sensor mounting brackets for different cars

- No change on vehicle appearance

- Door-opening Collision warning function optional

BSM with Side Mirror LED Indicator

BSM with LED indicator in A Pillar & Tailor-made Sensor Mounting Bracket

BSM with LED Indicator

Installation of LED Indicator

Laser Indicator for BSM