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ChainStar Ultrasonic Parking Sensor (UPS) system is sophisticated anti-collision driving aid device combining ultrasonic technology and microprocessor. By means of different audible signals or/and visual readout, the system can alert you of obstacle distance behind or in front of your vehicle when in parking or reversing. ChainStar UPS is all-weather working system, it overcomes the disadvantage of other sensing systems which may be affected by some environmental factors. The great advantage is its endurance and reliability in adverse weather conditions like darkness, bright sunlight, heavy snow or raining, etc.. Ultrasonic sensors are installed in the rear or front bumper of vehicles. Basically there are three methods to install the sensors as per the sensor type you choose. For surface-mounted sensors, simply stick the sensors on the surface of bumper with adhesive tape at the back of the sensors. For embedded type, sensors are inserted from outside into the pre-drilled holes in the bumper giving a perfect OEM looking with sensors painted in conformity with vehicle color. Suspended sensors are installed underneath at the back of vehicles with self-tapping screws, which is an ideal solution for trucks and buses where embedded sensors are often inapplicable as it is hard to find a place to drill holes. Control box is positioned inside vehicles at the back where it is easy to connect with reverse light for power supply. Sensors start to transmit ultrasonic waves once reverse gear is engaged. When ultrasonic waves are bounced back by obstacles in a pre-defined area, ECU will calculate the distance of obstacles as per the time interval between wave transmitting and receiving and then release acoustic signals or/and visual readout via a buzzer or/and display installed in drivers compartment. ChainStar UPS systems are precisely designed to fit almost all automobile including cars, commercial vehicles, vans or SUVs, recreational vehicles and other vehicles. Using ChainStar UPS systems is like adding eyes on your vehicle. It helps you avoid obstacles close to your vehicle that might not be visible from the driver’s seat. Whether parallel parking, maneuver in tight areas, or just simply backing out of the driveway, with ChainStar UPS system installed you can drive with convenience, safety and confidence.