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ChainStar Ultrasonic Parking Sensor can also work with vehicle monitoring system. When reverse gear is engaged, rear camera and sensors will start to work immediately. Video image and distance of the obstacles will be displayed on the TFT LCD monitor. Upon disengagement of reverse gear, rear camera and sensors will continue to work for another 20s. Then the monitor will resume the status prior to reversing, i. e., back to previous video input, or turn off. 
System Composition
4 sensors/control box/buzzer
4 sensors/control box/buzzer/camera
4 sensors/control box/buzzer/single LED light




Sensors Applicable: All types
Control Boxes Applicable: CB-10

Wiring Diagram

Audible Distance Indication

1.50 to 0.80m
Bi, Bi, Bi
0.80 to 0.40m
Bi Bi BiBi (the closer, the faster)
0.40 to 0m
Bi...(solid beeping)

Visual Distance Indication
7 lights in 3 colors
7 lights in 3 colors
Flashing arrow on left or right indicating orientation of obstacles